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How can you think in English?

We were exposed to English at a young age, but why are not we comfortable speaking English in the real world?

Having passed the TOEFL exams with a bad score but still confused when talking to native speakers?

You have to spend time translating from Vietnamese into English before speaking, why?

The problem is that you can not think in English. This is one of the obstacles for learners of English or any other language.

We often skip thinking in English, instead thinking in Vietnamese and trying to translate it into English. This is a bad habit, formed early on when we started dealing with a new language when we were too familiar with our language.


Do not translate in mind when using English


You have interfered with your communication when thinking in Vietnamese and trying to translate it into English. The best way is to think in English as a way to get you out of this situation.

Of course, speaking is easier said than done, because the structure of sentences in Vietnamese is different from the English sentence structure. But do not be too hard to be discouraged.

It’s not easy to think in English, but practice it every day when you have training conditions.

Some of the ways described below will help you solve the problem of not thinking in English, specifically as follows:


Learn vocabulary and phrases in a specific context


Do not try to memorize words, because doing so will not help you remember long and use it. Do not try to memorize as a parrot. You are also remembering every page in the dictionary, right. Leave this job right away, as it will not help you when you speak English when communicating. Learn to use words in a certain context to use the right words and remember long.


Talk to native speakers


You will learn a lot of good things when talking to native speakers, especially the standard pronunciation and habits of confidence when talking. You will also have more motivation, so your learning will be faster, and there will be more positive progress. You will also get suggestions for correcting and eliminating mistakes when using words and phrases in each context.

If you can not speak directly to native speakers, there are now many ways for you to get in touch with them, especially through the internet, social networks.


The duration of learning English should be short periods of time


Nowadays we depend too much on the internet, which causes us to lose our ability to focus and depend on it too much.

The best way is to read the brief English newsletters and try to understand what you mean. You can also use your leisure time to learn English. This will give you a daily routine that is not boring.