Learning English communication Online

Learning English communication Online

Currently, English is the most popular language in the world. Many people need English to apply for a job, study abroad, or enjoy world travel. In particular, English communication is one of the important skills of English learners. So is learning English communication properly? You may be looking for a solution to your problem when you:

– Have learned many methods but still no progress
– Can not speak English to other people
– Afraid to use English to communicate

And what other problems do you have? So now, read the following article to understand the basics of mistakes at the beginning of learning English as well as learn the method of learning English online high efficiency ThongLanguage. You pay attention because the methodology is the only guide to help you learn English faster and faster.

In this reading, you will know the following:

– Mistakes when learning English to communicate
ThongLanguage’s method of learning English
– English learning software to communicate easily and simply
– Multilevel and multi-level exercise system suitable for learners
And there are many other things that you will have in this reading. Then we go to the main content of it offline.

I. Mistakes when learning English communication
1. Lack of vocabulary
Certainly you will agree with me that lack of vocabulary you will encounter a lot of difficulties when communicating in English as well as learning English in general. Why? Vocabulary is the component that makes up the sentence and paragraph of any conversation. You will not be able to Listen, Speak if there is not enough vocabulary. It can be said that the vocabulary stage is the most important and necessary stage for an English learner because it makes learning English easy or difficult. If you learn all the common vocabulary, when you practice English, your skills will improve very quickly and easily. Conversely, if you do not learn vocabulary or learn through the speakers, you will feel that your English is very miserable, depressed and constantly on the go. If you have grasped the importance of vocabulary, you should focus on vocabulary right now. However, you will ask yourself: What to learn to learn vocabulary to communicate? How many words to learn? And How to learn vocabulary? The answer will be later in the reading section with the method of learning English Online at Thonglanguage.

2. There is no assignment system and choose the appropriate level

This is one of the mistakes that students often get. Many beginners learn to communicate in English, but choose difficult conversations, with fast speech speed, voices are not clear. This will greatly affect your English communication skills, which will even make you discouraged without even training.

Choosing the right course that suits your level of education, many of you do not even have a system of exercises as well as appropriate textbooks to improve your English communication skills. You guys are busy searching the internet for a bunch of exercises, but there is not a specific system where the articles are very fragmented with different levels. If you keep practicing like that, not only are you not good at communication skills but you can give up learning to communicate too much.

So how to choose the right speech for your current level as well as get a variety of levels of practice to practice? You will find out later in the article, follow up.

Focusing too much on grammar

This is also the most common mistake of people learning English communication. Many studies have proven that your speaking skills are worse if you focus on grammar. Why? Because English has a lot of grammatical structure and complexity that you can memorize every time you communicate, conversations take place in a short time, just a few seconds of thinking, how can you apply Hundreds of grammar rules. Your brain will not have enough time to process the complex grammatical information. To address this situation, you should learn as a child. You do this by listening to a lot of sentences with proper grammatical structure, then memorizing and using in specific situations. If you repeat it many times, you will remember it and know how to apply it to the dialogue.

4. Speak English

Take away the fear of speaking English, because if you do not say, all the theory you have will be theories. How much effort you spend to learn vocabulary, learn the phrase will be like the river fell, pour out.

Anyone who is good at English conversation will make mistakes. It is important that the person finds out his or her mistakes and corrects them for improvement.

Before each talk, you should know what is the main content of it? What problems will you talk about? And what sentences do you use to communicate? Previously, when learning IELTS, with each topic said, native teachers often assigned to me.

To help you learn these 3,000 words quickly and easily, Thonglanguage would like to introduce smart English vocabulary software with the following characteristics:

Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 There are pictures and sounds to help the learner feel interested.
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 Phonetic words help you read the native pronunciation
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 Illustrative examples help learners learn vocabulary.
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 The forgotten programmed intelligent reminder makes it easy to remember words quickly.

You can register your VIP account here. With less than 1000VND per day to learn 3,000 vocabulary words and more vocabulary by topic. Besides, you can also practice English communication with hundreds of exercises at each level that suit you. See more about how to pay at the following link:

You can try our smart vocabulary software with the 50 most popular vocabulary packages here:

Software learn English 3000 most popular vocabulary


2. Practice exercises that are appropriate for the level

After learning the most essential vocabulary in communication, you now have the foundation to practice reflective communication. The benefit of learning the vocabulary above is to make it easy for you to hear what the other person is saying so that you can implement your ideas in the conversation. By mastering the vocabulary, you can easily assemble common sentence structures for use.

For example: I will go to conference tomorrow. – I will go to the motel tonight.

With the structures you learn, just changing the vocabulary will help you get a new sentence.

Now, you need to hear so many sentences and apply them to get used to it. At the beginning of the lesson, you should practice simple communication. You can set yourself up as two people and turn the conversation around or ask your friends to practice, so you’ll remember faster and correct the mistakes you’re having. This phase is easy or difficult depending on the amount of vocabulary you have and the number of sentences you learn. So you should equip yourself so many sentences that you can say whenever you want.

If you register for the VIP package at Thonglanguage, you will be provided with a system of conversations that are most commonly used in the topic. We classify the lessons into 3 different levels: Beginners, Advancer and Professionals.


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