Listen english online

Listen english online

Many of you are learning English most afraid is listening, why listen so hard? Why can not I hear what other people say? Certainly the above questions also make you confused many times to find the answer. Now ThongLanguage shares with you about the causes of hearing loss, the mistakes in English listening and the method to practice listening to English online effectively.

In this reading you will know what?


Mistakes when listening to English
Improve vocabulary
Practice listening to appropriate songs
Practice in an effective way
Now, please join us in the next lesson to analyze the common mistakes you make when learning English listening and remedies.

Mistakes when listening to English

Asian. Do not focus on vocabulary

Many of you practice listening to English often miss the vocabulary. This is the first mistake and also the most serious. Why? Because if you do not cultivate enough vocabulary, you will not be able to hear or understand the meaning of the dialogue.

For example: I will go to conference tomorrow?

If in the above sentence you do not know the meaning of the word conference, even if you translate the remaining words, you do not know where he will go tomorrow. You would say that many people can guess based on context. Yes, maybe. However, you are sure that you will guess the whole conversation. Especially the dialogue is important links are important, if you misunderstood a sentence, the latter will be confused. So now, try to focus on vocabulary well and enough to be able to hear the conversation you want.

B. Practice over-listening

This is also a common mistake that many of you are entangled with. Instead of rehearsing listening assignments that are appropriate for your level, you listen to harder songs at faster speeds and new words. Not to mention the strange tone and tone will make you confused to understand the meaning of the sentence.

Listening to English is like Vietnamese. Since childhood, babies have been taught their words by simple words and simple sentences such as: parents; thank you; I’m sorry. After listening many times, they will understand and learn more difficult sentences. You should also apply this, do not try to choose difficult listening to try their level, start from the simple listening, feel understand the meaning of the article.

C. Practice listening through loudspeaker and not attach importance to meaning

Surely many of you will agree with the mistake that I often get. With this method of listening, you simply want to listen to your ears without regard to what the conversation is about. Actually you will hear the words and the intonation, but not improve the listening skills. Why? When you do not understand what people say, then words and sentences go from one ear to the other and leave nothing in your head. For each listening, you should prepare pen paper to record new words, words that you do not understand or hear. It is advisable to read the script first, if possible, to understand what it is and hear it again.

These are the most common mistakes that many of you practice listening to in English. There are many other mistakes but we do not mention them here. Now comes the best part of this post that many of you are looking forward to. That is ThongLanguage’s method of listening English online effectively.

2. Improve vocabulary

Listening skills are one of the hardest skills in learning English. However, you do not need to worry too much because it is easy to hear or to rely on your own efforts as well as the application of reasonable listening methods. Here are the stages in ThongLanguage’s English listening practice:

Stage 1: Learn the most common vocabulary

You probably already know why we have to learn vocabulary if we read mistakes when listening to the above. So now we will go into the main problem, which is to learn the vocabulary. But how to learn vocabulary how to learn? Learn what? How many words? Fortunately for you, you do not have to learn more than 300,000 words in English, but only learn the 3,000 most popular vocabulary words studied by Oxfords based on the most frequently encountered words in common communication. daily. And you know that by learning that 3000 words, you are able to understand 95% of the vocabulary contained in the daily talk. Is not it great? One more thing, at this stage of learning vocabulary, try to spend time learning all 3,000 vocabulary and begin to practice listening. Because when you have not learned enough vocabulary, you will not hear it either.

ThongLanguage has developed intelligent English learning software that will help you learn all 3,000 most popular vocabularies in the shortest possible time. Our software features the following features:

There are pictures and sounds to help the learner feel interested.
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 Phonetic words help you read the native pronunciation
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 Illustrative examples help learners learn vocabulary.
Green-globe-ok-tic-26718 The forgotten programmed intelligent reminder makes it easy to remember words quickly.

From now on you can also try out our 50 free vocabularies from here:

Software learn English 3000 most popular vocabulary

Stage 2: Practice listening to appropriate songs

Once you have learned all 3,000 of Oxfords most popular vocabulary words, now you can begin to practice listening.

At this time, you should find the listening list is simple and suitable for their level. Try to listen carefully and understand the contents of the speech. Before each listening, should you try to see what the new words say? What is its basic content?

When you start listening, you should hear it over and over again. Repeated listening will remind you of vocabulary, reading and, most importantly, familiarity with the speaker’s tone. You will get used to the speed of speech and improve your listening skills.

Keep in mind that many people may not hear the word at first. You should not worry, but listen to it over and over again to get accustomed to the voice and rhythm of the sentence, from which you will gradually hear it. Read the script beforehand to know in advance what new words, transliterations and how to read the words so that when heard from the surprise.

Try to listen to all the songs and when to understand all new. You can also record the entire listener you hear to see how far you have heard. If you record that same song, then you have heard it. You just need to practice listening a few more times to get used to the speed of speech of native speakers. Always remember: “Quality over quantity” when you practice listening to English. It is better to listen to dozens of songs than listen to what you say.

After listening to the simple things and feeling less mistakes. Move on to advanced listening with faster read speeds. Still apply the old way is to hear when to understand and listen to many times to get used to the tone of voice and keep up the pace of the speaker. When you are frustrated, always keep in mind that “Learning English is not hard, it is hard work”. Think about the purpose that you learn English, what will you get when learning English? So you will find motivation for yourself to learn English as well as listen to English more effectively.

Any method requires persistence of the application. In other words, you must be really hard-working and diligent to apply our listening practice. Success will not come to those who are lazy, we believe you will succeed if you persevere in the above method.

4. Practice in an effective way

In order to help you take the time to find the right speech for your language, Thong Language has built up effective online English listening software with readings from easy to difficult levels with hundreds of articles. Read with rich content around the world. This is a useful resource for you to practice listening as well as having more external knowledge to support your communication.



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